20 May 2024

From Chef Hakan Özfırıncı @hakanozfrnc We have a delicious treat that will go perfectly with tea or coffee. Usually prepared with baking powder and wheat, scone is one of the types of pastry. Scone, which is frequently consumed in British and Irish cuisine, can be served as sweet or salty. While the jam is spread inside the scone in sweet versions, cheese is used in salty versions. If the ingredients on the list are ready, we will bring you our delicious recipe for the question of how to make a scone.

Prep Time : 20 mins
Cook time : 20 mins
Servings : 4 People
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  • 110 g flour 
  • 130 g butter 
  • 170 g cream 
  • 2 g baking soda 
  • 7 g baking powder 
  • 3 g salt 
  • 6 slices of cheddar cheese 
  • 6 leaves of basil


  1. Mix all the ingredients except the cheddar cheese and basil in a bowl and continue kneading until there are no dry ingredients.
  2. Then slice the cheddar cheese and basil randomly, add them to the dough, and complete the kneading process. 
  3. Roll out the dough 1–1.5 centimeters thick. Then use a circle with a diameter of 8 centimeters and place them on a greased baking tray.
  4. Bake in a preheated 180-degree oven until the edges turn brown.
  5. Remove from the oven and serve warm. Bon appetit.
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